Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pumpkin-Apple Curry

I love fall.  The colors, the crisp air, and oh wow, do I ever love the produce.  Apples!  Pumpkins!  Happiness!

The one thing I don't like, though, is the end of Daylight Savings.  I'm a sunlight junkie, folks.  If I could be guaranteed access to 2 hours per day of sunshine, I'd be a happy girl.

The end of Daylight Savings didn't really bother me until I started working again a few years ago.  Now that I work in an office with no windows, though, it's a different story.  Once the sun starts setting before I even leave work at night, I can sometimes go all week without seeing the sun.  Oy gevault.

That bums me out.

In order to mitigate my lack of enthusiasm about the sun's greatly diminished presence in my life, I decided to make curry out of my two favorite fall ingredients: apples and pumpkin.  One of my favorite restaurants here in DC makes a fantastic pumpkin curry, so I wanted to re-create it with some apples for extra texture.  It doesn't chance the fact that the sun is going to be elusive for the next five months -- but it does make it easier to deal with!

Pumpkin-Apple Curry

1 apple,
8 oz. pumpkin puree
1/2 onion, sliced thin
2 teaspoons masala curry
1/4 teaspoon mustard seed
1 teaspoon grapeseed oil
1/4 cup brown rice
Cilantro for garnish

Step 1:  Core and dice the apple into 1-inch cubes, and cut the onion into thin slices

Step 2:  Saute the onions with the grapeseed oil and mustard seed.

Step 3:  Once the onions are starting to brown, add the apple.  (Side note: I added about 1/4 cup water to help the apples soften.)  Let the apples simmer until soft.

Step 4:  Once the apples are soft, mush them with a fork - they don't need to be smoothly pureed, just soft and chunky.

Step 5:  Add the pumpkin and masala curry, mix until combined and cooked throughout.

Step 6:  Serve with the brown rice and cilantro.

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