Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIAW: The "Holy Crap, It's Almost December" Edition

Happy WIAW, everyone!

I'm going to make tonight's WIAW entry fairly quick - I've been dragging all day (who nearly fell asleep at her desk today?  This girl!), so my bed beckons.  Embarrassingly, I didn't figure out the cause of my exhaustion until this evening: as I was struggling mightily to get though my workout routine, I noticed a bruise in the crux of my inner arm.  "What's that from?"  I thought to myself groggily.  "Ohhh...the huge amount of bloodwork I had done yesterday.  I bet I'm anemic like a motherf***er."

So, my sorry, anemic self just took an iron supplement. :)

Ok, so this is totally from when I was studying in Israel 6 years ago - but the
"face-down on my desk" motif remains the same.

With that said, on to today's noms!  WIAW, hosted by the lovely Jenn from Peas & Crayons, has become one of my favorite parts of the week.  Yay, Jenn!

Breakfast:  I slept through my alarm this morning (nooooooo!) and chugged a home-made peppermint mocha (much like my almond mochas, but with peppermint syrup) before going to the gym.  Once I was back, I needed fuel in the form of a green recovery smoothie:

Lunch and snacks:  I have no pictures of this, since one of the unfortunate side-effects of sleeping through my alarm is that I threw everything into my lunch bag at about a gazillion miles an hour (while frantically chugging the aforementioned coffee).  I can, however, describe them!  Mid-day noms consisted of an apple, a pear, Trader Joe's Greek yogurt (nonfat vanilla), Dr. McDougall's Pad Thai soup cup, and a Kind Plus Protein bar.

Once I got home, I had some rice cakes topped with leftover spicy cranberry-apple sauce.  Screw the turkey, I'll gladly put this stuff on anything (it's especially good on toasted GF challah bread)!

Dinner:  After workout # 2 (yet another unfortunate consequence of sleeping in: today was supposed to be a long/hard workout day -- but since I only had 30 minutes in the gym this morning, I needed to finish up my routine after work), inspiration struck.  This, in spite of me being tired to the point of total stupidity (was I thisclose to putting the almond milk away in the pantry?  Yes I was.).  I have no idea why my brain works in such ridiculous ways, but I decided to go with it -- so I made a Moroccan-inspired soup to warm things up amidst the cold front that blew in last night.  This soup combines chickpeas, carrots, and a ton of spices -- and it's delish!  (I'll post the recipe tomorrow.) (I seem to be making a lot of parenthetical statements.) (I'll stop using parenthesis now.)

Happy WIAW - hope your Wednesday was fabulous! :)


  1. *faceplant* right there with ya. i want december to last forever. for. ev. er.

  2. I've been studying for the last couple days straight...I feel just like you in that picture!