Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WAIW: The Being Thankful Edition

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, everyone!  Hubs and I have been running around like mad getting ready for tomorrow's feast, and I'm excited like woah for tomorrow.  Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday -- seriously, who could want more than a ludicrous amount of food, followed by a day of watching football?! -- so I always get especially psyched when Turkey/Tofurky Day rolls around.

Today's noms have been fairly quick, since I'm pressed for time in my attempt to get everything ready for tomorrow.  (I just have to sing my husband's praises for a minute, though: he got out of work three hours before I did, and when I came home, he'd done two loads of my laundry -- a huge help, since my dirty clothes basket was starting to resemble Mt. McKinley -- in addition to having vacuumed and started prepping food for tomorrow.  Holy crap, I love this man!)

So, with that, a shout-out to the lovely Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting this lovely pre-Thanksgiving virtual pot-luck!

I started the morning with my usual coffee, and once again relied on my trusty pal oatmeal to get through the morning.  I decided to go all autumn-esque with this morning's oatmeal madness, so I sauteed some sliced apples in cinnamon and nutmeg for some apple pie oats.  Deee-lish.

Snacks consisted of Greek yogurt, pistachios, Glutino Berry Sensible Beginnings with almond milk (have I mentioned that I looooooove snacking on cereal?  Because, um, I totally do.  Shameless addiction # 3,508), and a nanner.

Lunch!  I once again relied on my pal Dr. McDougall, purveyor of kick-ass soup cups.  Add one apple to the mix, and you've got a well-fed Lillian.

Dinner:  Hubs and I didn't feel like cooking dinner amidst all the Thanksgiving cooking going on, so we went to an Afghan restaurant down the street.  I got my fave, grilled veggies with chickpeas and carrot-raisin rice.

Once we came back, Hubs started cooking Monster Cookies.  Now, these are one of the most delicious things in THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.  They are my weakness.  My dietary kryptonite.  I am rendered totally and utterly helpless when faced with their gooey, chocolatey, peanut buttery glory.

So when they came out of the oven, naturally I had to have one to make sure they were still delicious.  Ok, ok.  I had two.  Fine - I admit it.  Three.  I ate three.  Quality control is key, people.  ;)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving tomorrow - and if you need some Thanksgiving comic relief, I highly recommend this. :)


  1. go hubby go! =) happy wiaw and happy early thanksgiving Lillian!!!! <3

  2. I want the recipe for monster cookies!

  3. Those monster cookies sounds delish!! :D Anything with peanut butter goes straight into my mouth!